Poems and Stories Relating to Huntington's Disease

Beyond the City of Swords

Wonderful science fiction story about love by Marian Michener.

Carmen's Stories and Poem

Beautiful expressions of faith and love by Carmen Leal-Pock, whose husband has Huntington's Disease.

For Christopher

Moving poem by Kym Nicholson for her son Christopher Youngblood, who had Huntington's Disease. Christopher died on February 25, 1997, at age 11.

A Dog Named Katie

Wonderful story by Julie Sando, full of love for her mother, who has Huntington's Disease.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Moving description by Monica Bradlee of person at-risk for Huntington's Disease facing her 35th birthday.

Harold's Poems

Beautiful poems by a man who had Huntington's Disease.

I Can Still Care

Moving poem by Cynthia Logan, who has Huntington's Disease.

I Will Remember You

Beautiful poem to a father with Huntington's Disease.

Jean's and Kelly's Poems

Wonderful poems by Jean Miller and her daughter Kelly, who has Huntington's Disease.

Jeannine's Poems

Moving poems by Jeannine Dutton, whose husband Scott has Huntington's Disease.

Katie's Poems

Lovely poems written by Katie, age 15, for her father who has Huntington's Disease.

Leon's Poems

Beautiful poems written by Leon Joffe to his wife, Pitta, who has Huntington's Disease.

Lou's Poems

Powerful poems by Lou Wilkinson, who had Huntington's Disease.

A Love Story

True story by Esther Neufeld Kressly about Sarah Wiens, who had Huntington's Disease. Sarah was in a state mental hospital when she met Helmuth Stainer, who loved and cared for her from that time until her death.

Ode to HD Research

Great poem by Ronald T. Roberts, care-giving husband of Huntington's Disease victim and father of HD positive children.

On Huntington's Disease

Lovely poems by Judy in memory and honor of Eva Engel and June Hill, who had Huntington's Disease.


Moving poem by Gayle Kingsbury, whose mother had Huntington's Disease.

What Huntington's Disease is Like for Me

Articles by people who have Huntington's Disease, describing what it is like for them.

Wondering What the Future Holds

Poem by Tammy Bales that deeply expresses what a person feels and thinks as they wait for results of the HD gene test.

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