For Christopher

I Can Still Remember

By Kym Nicholson

Kym's son, Christopher, had Huntington's Disease and died on February 25, 1997 at age 11.

I think back to all the yesterdays
so very long ago,
and I recall the many, many days
of how I loved you so.

The way you screamed and cried
and your hands were curled
the day that you so gracefully
entered my world.

I took you home
to your nice, warm bed,
and delicately laid
your beautiful head.

I can still remember
your tiny little hand
as we walked along
the glistening sand.

The ouwies I've kissed
and the cuts that would heal,
God how you loved
that nerve-racking big wheel.

The day that I cried
and was so uncool,
when the time had come
for you to start school.

The places we'd gone,
and the things that we'd do,
and Oh! how you loved
Brookfield Zoo!

You stayed so young
for the past few years,
as Huntington's struck
and heightened our fears.

You didn't get to speak
many words we could hear,
but you were always understood
so loud and clear.

In the days that followed,
your body grew weak,
I felt so sad,
so small and meek.

But you taught me something
that no one else could,
in everything bad,
there can be found something good.

Your life was too short
and your days too few,
but so many people you touched,
found special love for you.

I can still remember
your incredible smile,
as you battled for life
all the while.

You took with you
My innermost soul,
and left me with
an infinite hole.

But as days go by
and my head becomes clear
I know memories of you
will comfort me, dear.

I have loved you
like no one I've ever known,
and because of your love,
I'll never be alone.

You comfort my soul
in the darkest of night,
with your bright smiling face,
and your angelic light.

Heaven was blessed
with your beautiful face,
when it took you from
this disease-stricken race.

Heaven was never
a greater place,
than the moment you entered
with your love and grace.

So until the day
when we meet again,
soar high with the angels
in your new home...Heaven.

I'll love you forever,
as much as I can
from the beginning of time
til the end of man.

Just do me one favor
while flying above,
remember me, son,
and send me your love.


Written for Christopher Youngblood by his mother, Kym Nicholson

Christopher Dougles Youngblood
Born Tuesday, June 8, 1985 at 1:28 pm
Died Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 9:15 am

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