By Gayle Kingsbury

Gayle wrote this after a visit with her mother, who had Huntington's Disease. Her mother died in 2002.

Observing the turmoil, her heart surely spins
Torn between left and right, right and wrong, and who wins?
It is Wednesday, no Thursday, well, maybe last week.
She knows what she knows! There's no answer to seek!
If she does ask me something do I dare to reply?
Tho the answer is easy, anger flares in her eye.
She is focused and ready, cocked for the next shot
Then she talks 'bout the weather and the fight's never fought.
Who knows what can turn her or how the mind works?
Who can possibly fathom her thoughts and her quirks?
It is so far beyond me - I can't comprehend
But I'm watching in horror what might be my end.

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Created: Oct. 23, 1999
Last updated: Sept. 14, 2011