Wondering What the Future Holds

By Tammy S. Bales

Oct. 2, 1999

From Tammy (Chastain) Bales of Princeton, IL, in honor of her uncle Ben Chastain of Quincy, IL. Her uncle Ben has Huntington's Disease.

Sitting here wondering what the future holds

Scared and frightened

But that my shoulders may be lightened

Waiting for the day to know

Days come and days go

What am I to do

So many ways this can go

Thinking of the worst but praying for the good

May God give me strength to get through these days

Praying for the best

I close my eyes and tears begin to fall down my face

Feeling the pain of the unknown

My heart feels like it is closing in

If someone could take this pain inside of me

Please just set me free

May God give me the strength for the worst

Thinking of my children, looking at them

What would I do

Looking into their little eyes

Knowing what could happen

If there was a way that they could realize

This pain I feel right now

God give me the strength to be strong

What happens if something goes wrong

My family told me no, don't do it

And what happens if they are right

Please Lord prove them wrong

Moments pass and I can hide this inside

But the day is going to come

Will I be able to keep it inside any longer

Please Lord I beg of you just make me stronger

They say he gives you only things you can handle

But what happens if I can't

If everyone could only know what goes through my mind

As I sit here and wait what the future holds for me

How in the world can this be

How can this be happening to me

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