On Huntington's Disease

In Memory and Honor of Eva Engel and June Hill
By Judy

The second hand's sweep
A wisp of air,
She couldn't sleep
I wasn't there.

My tears of shame
Her gasps of fear,
She called my name
I didn't hear.

Time's expanse
The pain she cried,
She bruised her hands
I tried to hide.

Memories' dream
Another day,
A hollow theme
I looked away.

Five hundred miles
Spaced in her room,
Five years in piles
I'd visit soon.

The sunset dimmed
A different way,
I lost my aunt
She died today.

Her hands held gifts
Now knarled and clawed,
Love's time to talk
Now mute and paused.

Fair miles she walked
Now parked in a hall,
Cards, greetings lift
Dull, lonely walls.

Wide smiles and laughs
Small,toothless draw,
Familiar face
Eyes filled with awe.

Now see her words
Look in her eyes,
Listen for thoughts
This voice my prize.

Long-distance calls
Can't hold the phone,
Her family
Has lost their home.

Cares parcelled away
She sits alone,
Treasures once shared
Though none her own.

A wince of pain
Her limbs swing free,
One crowded room
No place to be.

As strangers pass
Quick glance of dread,
None leisure here
Fear of the dead.

Not one can see
Her needs embraced,
Or read the words
etched on her face.

Familiar touch
Loved one to see,
A heart turned toward

The letters read
Tears stream her face,
A love displaced.

The joy she'd give
The time with her,
Disease destroyed
Ten years a blur.

Sleep's dream forgets
One's mind recalls
Sweet memories.

Hope of future
Relive the past,
No life too small
In heaven's vast.

No loud rejoicing
Now quiet ways,
Pages unfolding
Numbered days.

Commit to keep
Her in His care,
A gentle life
Ensconced in prayer.

Christ paid the cost
At Calvary,
Then loosed the veil
And set her free.

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