Why Me?

By Carmen Leal-Pock

I gazed at the serene blue waters and wondered, "Why me?"
I pondered my shattered hopes and dreams and wondered, "Why me?"
I recalled happier times and wondered, "Why me?"

Sitting on the barren beach with waves splashing against the shore,
I felt as empty as the distant horizon.
A lone tear dripped off my chin and splashed into the water,
I believed I could fill the ocean with all the tears I had shed.

When my tangled emotions became placid,
I thought of my beautiful sons and wondered, "Why me?"
I reflected on my health, my family and friends and wondered, "Why me?"
I was blessed by thoughts of my church and wondered, "Why me?"

My mind fairly raced with the joys of my life
I had somehow forgotten in my quest for self-pity.

I imagined a God so great He sent His son to die on the cross for me,
and I wondered, "Why me?"
I was filled with gratefulness that as Jesus hung on the cross
He didn't say, "Why me?"

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Last updated: Dec. 7, 2010