What Can I Do About Caregiver Stress?

Easing the Stress of Caregiving

From the Spring 2004 issue of Hopes & Dreams, newsletter of the Illinois Chapter, Huntington's Disease Society of America.

"Caregiver Stress" is extremely common. The seemingly endless round-the-clock
physical and emotional demands of caregiving can end up taking a big toll on both your
body and your mind.

For millions of Americans who have assumed the role of caregiver to an older, ill,
disabled loved one, the round-the-clock physical and emotional demands can cause
feelings of stress to soar. In fact, stress is the number one cause of caregiver burnout.
There are, however, some basic steps that can be taken to keep stress to a minimum
and help ensure the caregiver's well-being is maintained at a maximum.

Remember to be good to yourself. As a family caregiver, you're doing a very hard--albeit
rewarding--job and deserve understanding, support and quality time for yourself to help
ensure you meet your own needs. Many caregivers have found that therapy offers life-
strengthening help in dealing with the many challenges of caregiving. Therapy can
provide a time and place that is devoted exclusively to your feelings, needs, and
concerns—and can result in a healthy perspective that allows you to devote your best
efforts to your loved one, while also making sure you take the very best care of yourself.


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Created: June 20, 2004
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