jean e miller

So quickly. No time to say I love you once again
to hold you and say how important you are to my life
to tell you thank you for all you have given me
your laughter, your wisdom and your strength

Gone. It can't really be true that you are gone.
I don't want to believe it but I can't touch you/find you.
Who will I call when I'm hurting and need advice?
How will I know if what I'm thinking is straight?

Empty. How can this heart feel so empty?
You've left this tremendous void in my life
that can never be filled again
And it hurts me every day.

Silence. The sound of your voice,
your quirky sense of humor, the smile in your eyes
The part of you kept hidden, which always intrigued me.
Sometimes it is deafening, this void you've created in my life.

Touch. I remember the last kiss I gave you
just 5 days before you left. Your smell,
your feel surrounds me sometimes
and I would give so much for one more hug and I love you.

Kelly. She still misses you so much and talks with you all of the time.
You two were finally becoming so close, it was wonderful!
I think you finally realized how much she deeply loved
and needed and respected you.

Sadness. I do not look forward to
Thanksgiving or Christmas or your birthday.
It won't be the same without you after 53 years.
I hate Fridays and always June 14th.

Unreal. Daddy, it all seems so unreal.
I know you're not here but I look for you everywhere.
Little red trucks, smorgasbord restaurants, here.
You will be an integral part of my life until I see you again.

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Last updated: Dec. 7, 2010