The Treaty

From the Fall 1999 issue of Hopes & Dreams, newsletter of the Illinois Chapter, Huntington's Disease Society of America.

I read this and thought of Kelly's battle, at first, with accepting HD and then the grace and serenity she later seemed to feel/exuberate after accepting its presence with grace.

Jean E. Miller

Hello, it's only you again. Why did you have to come visit me? I do not want you here, yet you stay. You have taken away a part of my life that means a lot to me. Why did you come to stay with me? I try to fight you, but you still won't leave. I hate you, why are you here?

I have hope that one day you will pack your belongings and leave, but until then I guess I have to become your friend. You are part of me now, even though I hate to admit it.

I tried to fight you for oh so long, but I only hurt myself. I have tried to come to terms with your visit here, but it only makes me cry.

I know it's hard what I must do, but if I don't I just might lay down and die.

I have treated you as a bitter enemy since the first day you arrived. In that time, you have caused devastation to my entire body.

I guess the hate I had for you caused you to retaliate, and spread mass destruction in my body.

The war is over, "I surrender"!!!

I must say farewell to my health, and mourn the damage inside.

We must come to an agreement, because now more than ever we need each other to survive.

You are part of me; where I go you will be with me. You shape my life, as you help me establish character. For we are joined together, so now I welcome you home. It is your home as well as mine, so let's both respect it. It is the only home that we both have.

I must forgive you for all the damage you have done. Not only have you destroyed, you have also built a new me. If it was not for you, who knows where I would be today. You have helped me gain enormous amounts of strength. It was you who helped make me an inspiration to others, so let's learn to get along and shape me into an outstanding person.

Let's work together and see what happiness the future holds.

Author Unknown

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Created: Oct. 9, 1999
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