Are You There?

By Kelly Elizabeth Miller

Yesterday is already melted away.
There is no way to bring it back.
What makes me feel the way I do?
Lord knows, it must be you!
The only thing I ever see
is your face looking back at me.

All I can do is think of you..
You are there when I go to bed,
you're all wrapped up in my head.

You're there in the middle of the day
and every night....
it is starting to give me a fright!

I can't concentrate in school,
I know I am the one playing the fool!
So here we go, please let's try again,
it's killing me to see you every day
and just be friends.

Converted to HTML by Renette Davis with permission from the author's mother, Jean Miller. Kelly was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease at age 16.

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Created: Aug. 31, 1996
Last updated: Nov. 22, 2010