jean elizabeth miller

Listen, did you hear my heart?
Oh so softly it was whispering
"love me, as I love you".

With a hateful look from your eyes,
that once shined with love,
my heart rages, screams
demanding your attention.

But with those few cruel words
From your tender lips
my heart becomes a cavity,
empty, lonely and still.

As your arms, that were once a warm embrace
chill me with a cold farewell
my heart fills with pain,
dying, slowiy dying.

While my lips remain sealed, silent,
my eyes fill with unseen tears.
My aching body yearns to hold you
but instead, watches you fade
From sight.

If you had listened
you would have heard my heart
oh so softly it was whispering,
"love me, as I love you"
as you deafly walked away.

Converted to HTML by Renette Davis with permission from the author, Jean Miller.

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Last updated: Dec. 5, 2010