Serenity - Where are You?

By Lou Wilkinson

Why does the mind run on and on?
Peace of mind seems so long gone.
Inner voice, relentless testing,
Always thinking, never resting,
Serenity, where are you?

Stumbling, watching every step,
Things I've lost, and things I've kept,
Lives I've lived but never known,
Mysteries that are mine alone.
Serenity, where are you?

Restless dreams, I have no peace,
Neverending thoughts released.
Struggling, turning, fighting all,
Sleep the enemy, sleep the call.
Serenity, where are you?

Inner space and cyberspace,
Walks the neverending pace,
Inner heart or hidden fright
Wants to run but has to fight.
Serenity, where are you?

Memories fly and memories die,
Ghostly images as I cry.
Ideas come but rarely stay,
Where is hope to lead the way?
Serenity, where are you?

Ceasing doubts; as faith persists,
Brings the dawn that night resists.
Life renewed in every flower
Angels singing, devils cower.
Serenity, where are you?
Serenity, where are you?
are you? ...where
......where are you?

Converted to HTML by (Renette Davis) with permission from the author, Lou Wilkinson, who had Huntington's Disease. Lou died February 8th, 2004.

Created: April 27, 1996
Last updated: Nov. 30, 2010