Running Away and Feelings

Kelly Elizabeth Miller - February 1978 - Age 10

Sometimes when I get upset I feel like running away.
I feel like nobody likes me. I feel like that pretty much.
Most people do not know how to tell others about their feelings
and when they can't talk about them, they start worrying about them
and it makes them nervous and all upset.

Some people think that running
away will help them, but it doesn't help at all
because they'll start worrying about how much money they have
and stuff like that and will they make it out there.
Some people are smart, they talk about their feelings and
work their problems out.

Most of the time it is kids that have these things happen to them.
Sometimes, something might happen in school or at
home and they think that running away will help.
So if you think that you have a feeling that you want to talk about,
go won't hurt a bit.

(Mothers Note: Kelly DID run away at age 13 for five miserable days!)

Converted to HTML by Renette Davis with permission from the author's mother, Jean Miller. Kelly was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease at age 16.

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