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National Institutes of Health HD Research Study - Volunteers Needed

From the Spring 2004 issue of Hopes & Dreams, newsletter of the Illinois Chapter, Huntington's Disease Society of America.

Volunteers are needed to participate in a research study to learn how individuals who have
Huntington's disease use sugar and oxygen in their brain. The National Institutes of Health have
awarded funds to Drs. William Powers and Joe Perlmutter at Washington University School of
Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri to complete this study. Information from this project may help in
understanding how HD damages the brain, which would be helpful in developing treatment for
individuals affected by HD. To be eligible for the study, you need to meet the following criteria:

- Have undergone genetic testing for Huntington's disease (may be positive or negative
results, volunteers with either result are needed)
- No symptoms or very mild symptoms
- No history of stoke, head injury or other neurological illnesses

Participation in this study requires one 8 hour or 2 four hour visits to Washington University of
Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. This study will not provide information that will be directly
beneficial to your clinical care at this time. Transportation is available, everything is free of
charge to you and your insurance provider, and a monetary stipend is given for your time. It is
our hope that information from this study will help in better understanding, treating and/or
preventing Huntington's disease.

For more information, call Lori Minnich at (314) 362-7148.

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Created: June 20, 2004
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