A Prayer

Jean E. Miller 9/5/96

Dear God in heaven, up above
I've come to talk to you about Huntington's
and what it does to those we love.

It takes these people, once so innocent,
steals their speech and abilities to function
leaving them frustrated, feeling hopelessly spent.

Then it hurts those who have them in their care
stretching their pockets, hearts and good will
Sometimes it is more than their faith can bear.

And then there are those who turn away
breaking your teachings to help one another
causing them to wander and stray

There are some who say that you are only testing
That you will never give more than we can handle
Are you watching, God, and giving us your blessing?

The strength comes through our belief in your love
that helps us through the darkness of night
When our very souls cry out for help from you, above.

Oh, please dear God, help those once so pure
to rediscover our faith unresolved
And if it wouldn't be too much, send us a cure.

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