The Hunt-Dis Memorial Quilt

By Dave Hodgson

From the Summer 2002 issue of Hopes & Dreams, newsletter of the Illinois Chapter, Huntington's Disease Society of America.


Members of the Hunt-Dis internet support group initiated a national Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt project to honor all loved ones with Huntington's Disease. This was a major undertaking and through support of HDSA Chapters, Support Groups and Centers of Excellence Phase 1 of the quilt has over 120 squares! Phase 1 was unveiled at the 2001 HDSA convention in San Diego.

Since then the quilt has traveled to HD events throughout the United States and was displayed at the 2001 International HD Association convention. Everyone seeing the quilt for the first time is awed by not only it's beauty, but by its significance representing people who are suffering from Huntinigton's Disease and those who have lost their brave battles against HD. To see pictures of the quilt visit: htpp://


You do not have to be a part of the HD On-Line Support Group (Hunt-Dis) to participate in this wonderful, moving experience. Phase II of the Quilt project is underway, with plans to unveil this (along with Phase 1 Quilt) at the 2003 HDSA convention in Houston, Texas.

Sakarah Dreamweaver has volunteered to assemble the Phase II Quilt along with some wonderful friends and Debbie Hart has volunteered to collect the squares, take pictures and prepare the bio's on each new square. The Quilt would never have become a reality without the many volunteers who have graciously supported this effort.

Everyone is encouraged to make a square to honor your loved one with Huntington's Disease, living or deceased.

The deadline for submitting a square is April 15, 2003. The quilt is made from individual twelve-inch blocks. These blocks will be incorporated into the new section of the HD Memorial Quilt. Anyone wishing to create a block is welcomed to submit one or more finished blocks. Finished quilt squares should be mailed to:

Debbie Hart 
530 NW 6th 
Washington, Indiana, 47501 
Phone: (812) 254-0197 

Please include the following:


First, determine what kind of block you wish to make Photo transfer, applique�, patchwork or other original creations using your ideas. Your raw quilt block should be 12 x 12 inches when finished to allow for seams when the next section of the quilt is assembled. Colors and design are up to you. Please select fabrics such as cotton that maintain there shape and will be easy to work with. If using new materials please wash them first. Please keep in mind that a quarter inch of each side will be used to piece the blocks together

If you don't have a clue where to start, browse through books, the Internet, magazines and fabric stores. Think of special things or memories that best represent the loved one you are making the quilt square for to get ideas.

You may use anything you would like when making a square except batting, which will be added by the Quilting club.


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Created: Sept. 14, 2002
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