Faces of Huntington's

By Carmen Leal-Pock
Belleville, Ontario, Canada : Essence Publishing, 1998
ISBN 1-894169-10-7

Reviewed by Renette Davis

This is a wonderful book of stories and poems by and about people with Huntington's Disease. It is divided into 9 sections:

Each of the sections contains an introduction by the author, whose husband has Huntington's Disease, and short essays and poems written by many other people who are affected by Huntington's Disease. In between the Faces chapters, are longer personal stories by people with Huntington's or who have a loved one with Huntington's. There is also an appendix with the following sections:

This is a book which theoretically you can read a little bit when you have time, then let sit for awhile, then read a little bit more when you have more time. That is exactly how I planned to read it, but I found that I could not put it down. The stories and poems are so moving that I was compelled to read the whole thing straight through.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is affected by Huntington's Disease, or who wants to learn more about the personal aspects of HD. There is also a wonderful Faces of Huntington's CD available. It contains a number of songs, some familiar and some new, sung by Carmen in her rich, beautiful voice.

The book and CD can both be ordered from:

Living Hope, Inc.
P.O. Box 952163
Lake Mary
FL 32795-2163

For more information on the book and CD, as well as information on Huntington's Disease, see also Carmen's website at: http://writerspeaker.com/faces.html

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