Dr. Steve Clingerman

From the Spring 2002 issue of Hopes & Dreams, newsletter of the Illinois Chapter, Huntington's Disease Society of America.

A recent addition to the Board, Dr. Steve Clingerman is Chairman of the Family Services Committee. Dr. Clingerman first became involved with Huntington's Disease about nine years ago while working with Dr. Dillie Grunauer in the neurology department of Cook County Hospital in Chicago. While seeing several patients with HD, Dr. Steve was moved approximately six years ago to become the co-leader of the Cook County HD Support Group. Dr. Clingerman received his Ph.D. from Loyola University. Their seven-year-old son keeps him and his wife busy. We welcome Dr. Clingerman and thank him for his dedication to the Huntington's cause.

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Created: July 4, 2002
Last updated: Nov. 30, 2010