Carol Carr

From the Summer 2002 issue of Hopes & Dreams, newsletter of the Illinois Chapter, Huntington's Disease Society of America.

While we, the Illinois Board, understand Carol Carr�s despair and sympathize with her, we do not condone what she did. Fortunately, this type of reaction is rare. However, it does point out how critical the work is that we do.

Barry Kahn

The Huntington�s Disease Society of America released the following press release:

The Huntington�s Disease Society of America (HDSA) extends its sympathy to Carol Carr and her family at this tragic time. The effects of Huntington�s Disease extend far beyond those directly affected by the disease. HD affects every member of the family and places a terrible burden on each of them.

Though she has been charged with killing her two sons who were in late stage HD, our HD families and friends can well understand the enormous emotional trauma Carol Carr felt as she watched her sons follow the same path that her husband had endured so many years earlier.

HDSA urges anyone who may feel the hopelessness that Carol Carr may have felt to contact the national office at 800 345 � HDSA so you can know that you are not alone.

HDSA supports 17 Centers of Excellence located in major medical facilities around the country which provide expert care to HD families. In addition 31 volunteer based HDSA chapters and over 150 support groups are located across the United States.

Steven Hersch, M.D., Ph.D, Chair of HDSA�s Center of Excellence Advisory Committee noted, � The Huntongton�s Disease Society of America is dedicated to the care and cure of Huntington�s Disease. We are here to help and have created a national network of support so our HD families have somewhere to turn in their time of need. This tragedy illustrates just how awful HD can be, the incredible burdens that family and professional caregivers face, and how challenged the long term care industry is to provide good care with insufficient resources to do so�.

HDSA encourages anyone who wants to support Carol Carr to write letters in care of her attorney Scott Walters at P.O. Box 90270, East Point, GA. 30364.

Huntington�s Disease is a hereditary brain disorder that slowly robs the individual of his or her ability to talk, walk, think and reason. Symptoms generally appear in mid-life and the disease progresses over 10 � 25 years Current treatments are focused on managing symptoms and maximizing quality of life. There is currently no effective treatment to slow HD and no cure. But there is hope as research advances are beginning to suggest new treatments.

The Huntington�s Disease Society of America (HDSA) funds research, provides services and referrals to those trying to cope with the effects of the disease and educates the public and healthcare professionals about this fatal disorder. HDSA provides the vital link between care and cure. For more information about Huntington�s Disease or HDSA, please visit the national web site at or call 800 345 � HDSA.

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Created: Sept. 14, 2002
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