Good Bye, My Baby

By Kelly Miller age 15

Good bye, my little baby that was
growing inside of me for 2 months.
They said I would have to set you free.
I am too young, only 15.

I do not have the money to raise you.
They made me kill you.
Imagine that.

All of the pain I have been through.
I know in time would have doubled for you,
my unborn child.

Without a father or all the things you would need.
Did it hurt, giving you up? Oh, there is nothing
that can compare. I know each time I see or hear
a child, I will cry and think of all the pain
I had to bare.

But I know I did the right thing, because you would
have been the one, in the end, to carry all of the pain
and shame. I could never do that to my baby.
I love you.

Converted to HTML by Renette Davis with permission from the author's mother, Jean Miller. Kelly was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease at age 16.

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